carpet / product feature

Have you heard of the newest, SOFTEST carpet on the market?

mohawk smartstrand silk

Mohawk’s Smart Strand carpet has been a hit due to its durability and soil/ stain resistance. We were excited beyond belief when they came out with the newest version called Silk about a year ago!!

Let me just tell you, this stuff is as SOFT AS SILK!!

And, it cleans up with just water… that’s right,  JUST WATER!! And because it contains permanent, built-in protection- it NEVER washes or wears off!

Customers have been loving the SILK carpets not only for its softness but also style and design! But, the best part is that it is very reasonably priced!!

If you are looking for new carpet and want something that is going to FEEL amazing , LOOK amazing and PERFORM, you definitely want to check out Smart Strand Silk by Mohawk!!

Stop by today to see the many styles and colors that are available!

I promise, you are going to LOVE it!



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