vinyl living room

Tarkett Fiber Floor Fresh Start 01362

Benefits of Vinyl:

Vinyl floors have come a long way!! Today’s looks and textures are stunning and accurately replicate the looks of other products. They are inexpensive and incredibly easy to maintain. Vinyl floors are perfect options for bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms, and many other rooms in your home.


vinyl floor

Tarkett Fiber Floor Easy Living 14201

The looks are endless, from traditional and sophisticated to fun and funky- there is a sure to be a vinyl that fits your style!

Tarkett Fiberfloor Easy Living 14131

Tarkett Fiberfloor Easy Living 14131


Care and Maintenance:

According to Tarkett:

Keep the floor in top condition by sweeping with a soft brush or vacuuming and regular cleaning with water and a neutral detergent.

Easy tips

  • Use a doormat at the entrance to stop dirt being brought into your home.
  • Felt or plastic protection on the bottom of furniture legs will prevent dents, scratches and marks.
  • Lift rather than sliding heavy furniture to move it.
  • Never spray cleaning products straight on to the floor.
  • Don’t use polish or wax.

You can view the full cleaning instructions here.



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