Benefits of carpet:

Carpet gives your home a feeling of warmth and comfort. It also adds texture and design. It’s affordable and can give your family years of enjoyment.

Along with look, today’s carpet styles and construction offer amazing stain resistance, soil protection, and durability and it just keeps improving!


Some common myths about carpet are debunked:

“Carpet should be removed if you have allergies.”- According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, carpet actually improves indoor air quality, acting as a trap for airborne allergens. This allows them to be vacuumed and not free-floating in the air.

“The new carpet smell is toxic.”- Actually the new carpet smell is harmless and carpet is one of the lowest VOC emitters- even lower than paint! The VOC’s that are emitted clear very quickly and dissipate within 48-72 hours.

You can read more about these studies here.


Care & Maintenance:

Of course, you will want to refer to your carpet mfg specifications but for the most part caring for carpet is simple. Number one rule is to VACUUM and often!! Its a great idea to protect your investment by purchasing a good vacuum. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute:

“Vacuuming is the most important and most cost-effective element of an efficient maintenance program. Vacuuming can remove more than 80 percent of dry soil on a daily basis. Vacuuming should be scheduled according to the amount of potential soil buildup of a particular area.”

On top of vacuuming, proper spot/ stain removal is key. Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen by blotting (never rubbing) with a clean white cloth or paper towel. If the stain is stubborn you will want to refer to your carpet manufacturers website  or the Carpet and Rug Institute for specific details on what products to use for specific stains.

Lastly, professional cleaning is a must! You will want to have that done about every 18 months depending on your home’s use and soil levels to maintain your warranty.

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