Benefits of wood:
Hard wood flooring is an investment that will last a lifetime. Its natural and sustainable beauty makes it a top choice for your living areas.

Care & Maintenance:

To protect the beauty of your wood floor please refer to your specific manufactures care and maintenance and follow these simple steps:

1. Sweep your floor to remove any particles that can scratch your floor.

Warning! Vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head can damage a wood floor and should never be used!

2. Apply any commercially produced hardwood floor cleaner designed to clean urethane/ aluminum oxide finished floors using a clean micro-fiber applicator. Caution- never pour cleaner directly on floor.

Wood floors can and will scratch! When selecting  a wood floor you should take into consideration your lifestyle and expectations of wood floor performance.

Always have walk off mats, floor protectors pads under furniture and avoid high heels or shoes with deep treads on your wood floors.

Wood floors can change colors due to UV exposure and area rugs should be monitored periodically for signs of discoloration.


You must maintain an indoor relative humidity level between 35-60% throughout the year to minimize the natural expansion/ contraction of the wood. It is imperative that your house has a humidifier for the winter months and an air conditioner for the summer months to keep control of humidity levels. The humidity range should be monitored with an hygrometer available at most hardware stores.  Mechanical air exchangers will need to be monitored to help stabilize humidity levels in your home. Failure to control humidity will void warranties.


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