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Care & Maintenance of Wood Floors

Wondering how to maintain your wood floors??


Lons Own Wood Floor Cleaner

Lons Own Wood Floor Cleaner

Here are some simple tips to consider with your wood flooring:

  • Wood is a hygroscopic material that absorbs moisture in the air which can cause swelling and also looses moisture when the air is dry which can cause shrinking and board separation. Because of this you will need to monitor your floors for expansion and contraction and your air humidity levels. An inexpensive hygrometer available at most hardware stores, placed in the same room as the wood can help you monitor these critical humidity levels.  A humidifier is a must for keeping your humidity levels constant. Humidity levels must be maintained per manufactures recommendations (typically 35-50% year round) to maintain warranties.
  • Be  careful when placing rugs on wood flooring, particularly in areas that receive a lot of sun, discoloration can happen.
  • Always keep your floors free from dirt/sand which can scratch the surface, sweep or dust mop regularly.
  • Use walk-off mats at entry ways.
  • Use floor protector pads under furniture.
  • High heel shoes can/ will damage wood flooring.

Your cleaning procedure when you are ready to ‘mop’:

  • Make sure your floors are thoroughly vacuumed or swept/ dust mopped prior to cleaning.
  • Use a cleaner specified for your hardwood floor.
  • NEVER wet mop your wood floor!! Standing water WILL damage your wood flooring! The best approach is to spray the cleaner on in sections and wipe with a clean cloth or microfiber pad as you go.

Note: wood floors can and will scratch!! You should be realistic in your expectations. Most wood floors can be “screen coated” to renew the surface layer and get rid of surface scratches.

By following these simple steps you should be able to maintain your floors correctly and enjoy them for many years to come!!

For more detailed info please call us at 651-631-8272 or check out this great link.

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