Featured Brand

Featured Brand: Mohawk Carpet

Finding the right carpet can be difficult. There are so many brands and styles and colors and textures… it can leave you feeling overwhelmed!

Here are Superior Flooring, our goal is to guide you into a carpet that will suit your needs. We take into consideration your budget, lifestyle and even your personality to figure out just the right fit for YOU!

This month we are featuring one brand (of many) that we carry. Mohawk has a variety of fiber types available, however these are 2 of our favorites. They are soft, durable and have many styles and colors to choose from.

If you are in the market for new carpet, we hope you can stop by our showroom to see these carpets in person- and FEEL them for yourself.



Weardated Embrace is a premium soft nylon made by spinning 2 times the amount of fiber in each cable making this carpet exceptionally soft and plush. In performance tests, Weardated Embrace carpets have proven durability after 30,000 foot passes. And, they have premium soil and stain protection, using Scotchguard Advance Repel Technology.

Weardated Embrace

Weardated Embrace



photo credit: Mohawk

photo credit: Mohawk


For more information about Weardated Embrace click here or stop into our showroom.


SmartStrand Silk is the latest soft carpet introduction. Silk is luxuriantly soft with built-in stain protection that never washes or wears off! It is preferred 5 to 1 over premium soft nylon and has 3 times the fiber of ordinary nylon. Check out our other blog post  by clicking here for more info about SmartStrand Silk.


SmartStrand Silk

SmartStrand Silk


photo credit: Mohawk

photo credit: Mohawk

For more information about SmartStrand Silk click here or stop into our showroom.



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